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    How can I contact you?

    The best way is to send us an email to info@syrachacuse.com However, if you need to speak with us direct you can reach us at 315.399.0967 Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm EST

    Where can I buy your products locally?

    We're available at select fine retailers, farm markets and at our hot sauce tasting bar located at Destiny USA  Click here to find a store nearest you.

    Whats the shelf life of your products?

    Our hot sauces and mustards are vinegar based which is a natural preservative making them shelf stable indefinetly. However why wait, we think they're best enjoyed within 6 months of purchasing.

    Do I have to refrigerate your hot sauces and mustards after opening?

    We recommend refrigerating our products after you open to maintain maximum freshness.

    Are your products Vegan?

    All our hot sauces and mustards with the exception of our honey mustard are Vegan 

    Are your products Gluten-Free

    All our hot sauces and mustards with the exception of our beer hot sauce and beer mustard are gluten-free 

    Whats your return policy?

    Unfortunatly food items are non-returnable, however we want you to be completly satisfied with your purchase. Please send us an email to info@syrachacuse.com describing your concern and we promise we'll do our best to try and resolve it 

    Do you ship internationally?

    We'd love to ship your family and friends a gift of local flavor from SYRACHA'CUSE. Simply complete the online order process as normal.

    I'm interested in carry your products in my store?

    We're flattered  that you would like to carry our products, please send us an email to info@syrachacuse.com that includes your store name and contact infomation. We promise to back in touch with you right away

    Do you offer volume discounts for wedding, corporate gifting or special occassions?

    We'd love to work with you or your company on your special project. Simply send us an email to info@syrachacuse.com with a brief discciption of your ideas. We promise we'll get back with you right away.