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Saratoga Olive Oil Oregano Olive Oil 200ml

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Enliven your senses with the classic Mediterranean taste of wild grown oregano. Paired with tomatoes and crusty bread, try making several variations of the classic caprese dish by layering sandwiches, building skewers, and plating a salad! Delicious when marinating grape and cherry tomatoes! Try coating red, orange, or yellow peppers then roasting or grilling to perfection. Unbelievable brushed on seasonal vegetables and stirred into hummus.

  • Roasted potatoes love a quick bath in this oil
  • Yummy combination with feta and tomatoes
  • Chicken with oregano and green olives
  • Garlic oregano baked chicken with rice
  • Delicious drizzled on melon
  • Try with bread dip and goat cheese.

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