Salamida State Fair Spiedie Sauce

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Rob Salamida began his business in Endicott, NY when he was just 16 years old by cooking Spiedie (SPEE-dees) sandwiches on a charcoal grill in front of a local tavern to earn college money. After more than a year of letter writing, he finally convinced the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY to allow him space for an outdoor booth and the State Fair Spiedie was born.

Spiedies are made traditionally with lamb that have been cut into one inch cubes, but now quite often pork or chicken are used, the meat is marinated for 24 hours or more and roasted on skewers over a grill with the juices dripping onto the fire, creating a delicious smoking effect, because the marinade does the flavoring beforehand there's no need to add anything else to the sandwich, no condiments, no vegetables, no seasonings, just serve on a slice of fresh Italian bread or on a sub roll.

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