Jalapeño Gourmet Mustard

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SYRACHA'CUSE Jalapeño Gourmet Mustard was our first gourmet mustard and was not only one of our families favorites but one of our customers favorites too. 

Produced in very small batches using fresh jalapeño peppers and organic vinegar SYRACHA'CUSE jalapeño gourmet mustard is Vegan friendly with no artificial colors, and no sugars.

We love SYRACHA'CUSE jalapeño gourmet mustard on brats and snappy griller hot dogs better know in our hometown of Syracuse as coney's, we also love our SYRACHA'CUSE jalapeño gourmet mustard in our deviled egg recipe and of course on all our favorite sandwiches 

If you love old world style artisan mustards you're going to love SYRACHA'CUSE gourmet jalapeño mustard, but hurry we only produce our mustards in very small batches and in limited quantities. 

Tasting Notes:

  • Heat Flavor Scale - Mild with a bite
  • All-Natural, Vegan, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Sugar Free
  • Recipe ingredients include-Jalapeño peppers, mustard seed, organic vinegar.

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