Saratoga Spicery Roasted Garlic Dip Seasoning

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This mouthwatering smoky garlic dip seasoning is delicious with potato chips, pretzels and vegetables. It also makes a wonderful, creamy salad dressing or use to season breadsticks, focaccia, mushroom stuffings or stir fries. Toss in with green salads or side salads (like chicken, potato or tofu), add to casseroles, meat gravies, soups or stews. Use with a little olive oil to create a wet rub for chicken, fish, seafood. Shake on buttered or steamed vegetables (especially green beans and potatoes). You will also find it a great way to spice up your burgers, salads, pizza and pasta as well.  This blend is easy to love!

1.8 oz pour spout jar

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