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We love beer and beer hot sauces so we just fell in love with this beer journal to provide an easy way for us to record tasting notes when we attend festivals, we also like the fact that it's small enough it fits in the back pocket of our jeans

This beer journal is designed for ease of use, because It’s tough to hold a notepad in one hand, a pencil in the other, and have another hand left for beer. Taking notes with is as simple as checking a few boxes and entering a few basic facts.

The flavor wheel in 33 beers can be used to quickly recall a beer’s unique flavor long after consumption. 

A teeny, tiny amount of real beer is added to the ink in each new edition, which is cryptically noted on the back which makes it even more unique. 

The 33 beers journal is a great gift to add with one of our beer hot sauces including our SYRACHA'CUSE Heritage Hill Brewhouse beer hot sauce or SYRACHA'CUSE Ommegang beer hot sauce or our SYRACHA'CUSE beer hot sauce gift set flight.

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